Are You a Procrastinator? 6 Little Words That Can Change Your Life

I married the world’s worst procrastinator.  I have learned NEVER to ask him if he wants to do something now or later.  He will always choose “later” – it does not matter what it is. Even after all the years we have been together, he will choose to put things off. It certainly has been a problem for him, especially when he misses something important because he is too late. I have made it a mission in life to raise my children to be organized and not put things off until later. Even though it has been difficult for them at times, in the end they are so glad they did not put off the inevitable until another time.

Have you ever spent countless minutes, hours and even days searching for something you misplaced?

Have you even had an argument with someone you live with for misplacing something of his or hers?

Have you ever missed an appointment because you forgot?

Have you ever been halfway to your destination and remembered you didn’t bring what you needed?

Do you have piles of papers, or unopened mail that you will get to someday?

Do you have that nagging notion constantly telling you to get organized?

Have you read books and/or articles on how to get organized?

Have you purchased organizational aids to help you and then never used them?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, obviously you are not organized to the point you want to be. There is a very simple solution to this problem.  I am quite sure you are thinking, “Yeah, right.”  You have tried everything and nothing has worked so far.

I have a tried and proven method to get you organized and eliminate all that wasted time spent trying to get organized.  I know there are countless books on the subject.  I know you can spend money on books, CD’s, videos and even go to courses to get the desired results but I am going to give you a secret.

If you are serious about getting organized, you will get the results, using ONE little secret.  It is a secret my father taught me when I was a little girl and it still works today – every time!

REMEMBER — It takes thirty days to break a habit and form a new one.  But, the exciting part is that you can get results immediately.  Each time you take a baby step in the right direction, it will pay off big time in the end.  The more progress you make, the closer you are to becoming ORGANIZED.  To some that is a dirty word – because it seems so impossible.

Do you have any idea how much time you will have to do the things you want to do when you are not wasting your time trying to find something? Once you get into the habit, it comes easy.

My father drilled this into my psyche and it is still there and has helped me to be organized, on time, and a lot less frustrated.

It is six little words. Before I tell you the words, be prepared to say them a hundred times a day, if you need to. Make up some post-it notes and put them all over the house, your office, and your car.

Those six little words are – DO IT RIGHT – DO IT NOW! Just that simple. Saying them out loud requires commitment.

Even after all these years, sometimes I want to choose to put something off until later or not do it properly. But I say DO IT RIGHT – DO IT NOW! As soon as I make the effort, I reap the benefits.

I rarely, if ever, lose or misplace something because it was not put back where it belonged. It is easy to put off doing something now by making the excuse that you don’t have time. Take the time. You will learn to make the time to do it now and properly.

If it is a big job that needs doing, make a point of putting it at the top of your priority list to do before you take on any other task, which may be more pleasant.

If I have several tasks to do that I don’t want to do, I will do something I enjoy doing first, then do the unpleasant one. It feels incredibly great to get that task done and I reward myself with doing something I enjoy before taking on the next big task.

It may sound too simple to work but it does! I challenge you to be diligent for 30 days and the benefits and rewards will be incredible.

You can thank me now (or later) but please send me your thoughts, ask me questions or tell me about your victories!

And with the extra time you have, I would sincerely appreciate if you would take a minute to read my other posts. I just launched my memoir, Battered Hope. If you need encouragement or feel like you have an insurmountable amount of troubles, this book will definitely give you hope. I survived cancer, rape, marital abuse, huge financial losses as a victim of being robbed and battered, jail, loss of a child and many other traumas. I refused to let these circumstances steal my joy or my hope for a better tomorrow. Cry with me and rejoice with me – Battered Hope by Carol Graham.

Are You a Victim or a Victor? The Choice is Yours

The definition of Victor is: One who defeats an adversary; the winner in a fight, battle, contest, or struggle.

The definition of Victim is: a person who is deceived or cheated, by his or her own emotions or ignorance, or by the dishonesty of others.

I certainly was cheated and abused and hurt and taken advantage of by the dishonesty of others but I determined not to allow my emotions to overrule my intelligence. A wise man once told me “When you buy the thought, you buy the lie!” I learned how to say NO to negative thoughts, to defeatist ideas, to martyr attitudes. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

You can’t be a Victor without going through a battle. The question is whether or not you choose to win or lose.

“V is for Victory!” That was what the doctor said when my daughter was delivered. “You got what you wanted!” All I ever wanted was a baby and I wasn’t sure what the doctor meant. Did he think I might get something other than a baby? My 5 year old son said “I don’t think she’s cooked yet, mommy. She’s all purple and shriveled and stuff.” The doctor showed her to me. She had a birthmark on her forehead in the shape of a “V.” She was born six weeks early and the pregnancy was touch and go from the start. I spent most of my pregnancy in the hospital and was told almost everyday – “We need to prepare you for the worst. The chance of you both surviving this pregnancy is doubtful.” These doctors had no idea who they were dealing with.

By the time my daughter was born, I had already lived a life of trauma. This was just one more hurdle to overcome. It was sheer determination to keep a positive attitude that got me through. Not only did I get through, but my little bundle of joy registered a 10 on the Apgar score for newborns – the highest possible – a perfect 10!

When I decided to finally put pen to paper and write my memoir, Battered Hope, it took a great deal of courage. But I was familiar with courage – it had become second nature to me. I learned how to cope, how to thrive, how to overcome. Don’t get me wrong, it was never easy. Just because you have had a bad experience doesn’t make the next one easier – stronger, yes – easier, no. My memoir has 12 chapters and there is a minimum of one traumatic event in each chapter, oft times, more than one.

I had always regarded myself as a winner. I maintained that attitude no matter what happened. When I would throw a pity party, no one showed up because I never invited anyone. It was easier that way. I discovered that even if you thought you were a winner, if people knew all the trauma you were going through, they would label you a loser and let’s face it, people don’t want to be around a loser.

After my memoir was published, a lot of people who thought they knew me, including family, were amazed at what I had survived. I was always the rock that people depended on; the shoulder to cry on when they had problems. Little did they know that when I cried with them, I was also crying for myself.

I determined at a very young age, that if I made people laugh, it helped me to forget what I was going through. I maintained that attitude throughout my life. I have been married to the same man for 41 years and when asked what has kept our marriage together my answer is “I keep him laughing.”

I have received countless positive reviews for Battered Hope, but the ones I find most interesting are the four negative ones. They all say the same thing “I don’t believe it. It is a bunch of lies. No woman could have that much happen to her and still thrive.” I would rather be called a liar than a bad writer so I accepted those reviews easily and one person that had the gall to say it to my face was met with a response she did not expect. I told her, “You are right. It was actually a lot worse than what I wrote, but I knew people like you wouldn’t have been able to handle the whole truth!”

My question to you is: Are you a victim or a victor? The answer lies in how you look at it. Finding good in every situation may not be easy but it certainly helps you survive. It helps you maintain the attitude that you are a winner and not a loser. It helps you keep things in perspective.

It has been said that the definition of Success is “Getting up one more time after you have been knocked down.” Never stop getting up, success is within reach but if you don’t try, you become the victim.

My daughter is now in her late twenties and when she gets upset her “V” flares up. Whenever I see that, I am elated that I never gave up, but rose to victory in many arenas.

My name is Carol Graham and I recently published Battered Hope. Battered Hope is my true story of a strong, courageous woman overcoming insurmountable obstacles including cancer, rape, marital abuse, suicide attempt, jail, loss of a child and huge financial losses. A gripping, captivating novel.